Unit 1: History of the Atom

GOALS: Atoms, Models of the Atom, Orbitals – S1 W2: this is a 1 week lesson

Reading: Hewitt Ch 12.1, 12.2 (HW)
Assessment: pg 306 # 1-6 (HW)

Post: Lesson content, math science: history of the atom
Plum Pudding
Rutherford’s Experiment
Spend about 1/2 hour drawing and explaining and drawing Rutherford’s Model
Also use wikipedia post on Rutherford, video to explain the motion of electrons

End of class 1.

Start with demo of 3 gas discharge tubes (H, He, Hg) using spectral gratings glasses.

May add incandescent bulb to show thermal spectrum

HW:  P 89-90 Plum Pudding and Rutherford models.

Bohr Model: Shells (primary quantum number)

textbook pgs: not used
The quantum model: beans and cotton balls – class activity
Assessment: need an assessment – sketch and describe the 3 models. – HW
The math of LaPlace – orbitals
drawing orbitals