Technology Wheel – Unit 1: typing

Unit 1 goal: to develop basic typing skills while using proper posture and hand position.

Lesson 1: diagnostic assessment

The Jabberwocky:  Read aloud – act it out
Provide basic definitions and show that there are multiple definitions  for some of the nonsense words (ex: brillig: 2:00pm or twilight?)

Part 2: Students hand write the poem. This is to help them associate and process new and challenging words. Provides diagnostic assessment to help teacher identify students lacking basic skills and in need of remediation.

Important note: After the typing unit is completed, we move on to typing the Jabberwocky poem in a Google doc (unfortunate but this is a free application, even though it is unreliable, does not update consistently and carries only the most basic features and has severely limited (and marginally used) fonts.

Lesson 2: sign on to – students may use their school gmail accounts to sign in.
Student assessment is based on number of unit tasks completed.warn students not play the games because the ganmes are not instructional (hacking note: appears to be a copy and paste plaguerized copy of Mavis Teaches typing including the finger illustrations. However, the did not copy the instructive games – probably could find the js – o dropped in some peck and hack space invader type video games – make sure students avoid these as they are not instructive.

Videos: I’ve been trying out short videos as APK with mixed success. HEre’s one I think the kids like…