Lesson Plan - WebWork 101
Semester 1 WebWork 101 Week 1 & 2:


ESLR's Targeted

_x_ Consciousness
_x_ Reason
__ Synergy
__ Action

DOK Level Targeted

_x_ Level 1 Recall
_x_ Level 2 Skill/ Concept
_x_ Level 3 Strategic Thinking
_x_ Level 4 Extended Thinking

Thinking Maps Utilized

Flow charts
relational diagrams

Essential Question(s):

What makes websites function the way they do? What are the differnces between a static html website and a CMS? What are the essential parts of a webpage?

Learning Target:

Understanding the basic components of a website, a webpage and be able to identify a static html website as different from a CMS (blog).

Targeted Vocabulary:

website, webpage, hosting, static html, CMS (BLog), navigation bar, head, and body sections.

SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) Features:


_x_ Adaptation of Content
__ Links to Background
_x_ Links to Past Learning
__ Strategies Incorporated


_x_ Modeling
_x_ Questioning
_x_ Guided Practice
_x_ Comprehensible Input

Grouping Options

_x_ Whole Class
__ Small Groups
_x_ Partners
__ Independent

Integration of Process

_x_ Reading
_x_ Writing
_x_ Speaking
_x_ Listening


__ Hands-on
__ Meaningful
_x_ Linked to Objectives
__ Promotes Engagement


_x_ Individual
_x_ Group
__ Written
_x_ Oral

CFU (Checking for Understanding) Techniques: Refer to the CFU Techniques Index Handout


__ Half-statement
__ What's Next
__ Unbundling
__ Feign Ignorance
__ Why and How
__ Rollback
_x_ If/Then
__ Framework
_x_ Steering Hint

Whole Group

__ Call-and-Response
_x_ Write it Down
__ Visible Thinking
__ Forced Choice

Combined (Individual & Whole Group)

_x_ Think-Pair-Share
__ The Combo Meal

Response(s) to CFU: Refer to the CFU Techniques Index Handout


__ Take a Stand
__ I Need More Hands
__ Repeat

Stretch It (Correct)

_x_ Why and How
__ Another Way to Answer
__ A Better Word
__ Evidence
__ Integrate a Related Skill
__ Same Skill; New Setting

Right is Right (Partially Correct)

__ Hold out for All the Way
__ Answer My Question
__ Right Answer; Right Time
_x_ Technical Vocabulary

Break it Down (Incorrect)

_x_ Provide an Example
_x_ Provide Context
__ Provide a Rule
_x_ Refer to Steps
__ Rollback
__ Eliminate False Choices

No Opt Out (IDK's)

_x_ Hint and Return
__ Answer and Repeat

Subject: Physics

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W1 M Date:1/5/15

W1 W Date:1/7/15

W1 F Date:1/9/15

W2 Tu Date:1/13/15

W2 Th Date:1/14/15

Learning Target Pupil Free Day History of the internet, Identify website types and components URLs, http and https
3 important web languages.
Web Hosting and file editing
Learn to set up editors and FTP
Introduction to the html language
CC Strand or CA standard   no state standard no state standard no state standard no state standard
Warm Up   What is a website? - 50 words. {FM} Describe the difference between a static html website and a CMS.-50 words or table. {FM} What are the 3 main internet languages and what do they do? {FM} What is an FTP? Whast does it do?
Presentation   History of the internet video
Web exploration activity
URLs, static html, CMS, php websites
Set up user accounts
URLs, http, https, PPT
viewing code
html, php, javascript languages - PPT
Hosting & editors - PPT and web demo. Essentials of html, tags, syntax, online resources -PPT.
Guided Practice   Web exploration activity
Set up user accounts
Identify language snippets example 1 DI how to set up editor and FTP demo building a simple webpage
Independent Practice   Web exploration - con't Identify language snippets Ex 2&3 Each student sets up their editor account (c9.io) and sets up ftp students build their first webpage
Closure   Summarize lessom Summarize lesson Summarize lesson Summarize lesson
  What are the keyelements of a static html website? How you can you find html and javascript snippets in a webpage? What does FTP stand for? How can you identify an html tag?
  Modifications for browser types. Depending on Chromebook features, may need to do code search on spare laptop. NA NA
  NA javascript is not java template vs c-panel hosting syntax