Lesson Plan - Physics
Semester 2 Physics Week 1 & 2:


ESLR's Targeted

_x_ Consciousness
_x_ Reason
__ Synergy
__ Action

DOK Level Targeted

_x_ Level 1 Recall
_x_ Level 2 Skill/ Concept
_x_ Level 3 Strategic Thinking
_x_ Level 4 Extended Thinking

Thinking Maps Utilized

Illustrative sketches
Free Body Diagrams
2 column derivation method

Essential Question(s):

What is thermodynamics?

Learning Target:

Understanding thermodynamics, the temperature scales and how they were developed, the 3 + 0 Laws of Thermodynamics, heat engines. Statistical Mechanics, Boltzman Distribution

Targeted Vocabulary:

heat, energy, entropy, isotherms, isobars, heat engines, thermodynamic efficiency

SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) Features:


_x_ Adaptation of Content
__ Links to Background
_x_ Links to Past Learning
__ Strategies Incorporated


_x_ Modeling
_x_ Questioning
_x_ Guided Practice
_x_ Comprehensible Input

Grouping Options

_x_ Whole Class
__ Small Groups
_x_ Partners
__ Independent

Integration of Process

_x_ Reading
_x_ Writing
_x_ Speaking
_x_ Listening


__ Hands-on
__ Meaningful
_x_ Linked to Objectives
__ Promotes Engagement


_x_ Individual
_x_ Group
__ Written
_x_ Oral

CFU (Checking for Understanding) Techniques: Refer to the CFU Techniques Index Handout


__ Half-statement
__ What's Next
__ Unbundling
__ Feign Ignorance
__ Why and How
__ Rollback
_x_ If/Then
__ Framework
_x_ Steering Hint

Whole Group

__ Call-and-Response
_x_ Write it Down
__ Visible Thinking
__ Forced Choice

Combined (Individual & Whole Group)

_x_ Think-Pair-Share
__ The Combo Meal

Response(s) to CFU: Refer to the CFU Techniques Index Handout


__ Take a Stand
__ I Need More Hands
__ Repeat

Stretch It (Correct)

_x_ Why and How
__ Another Way to Answer
__ A Better Word
__ Evidence
__ Integrate a Related Skill
__ Same Skill; New Setting

Right is Right (Partially Correct)

__ Hold out for All the Way
__ Answer My Question
__ Right Answer; Right Time
_x_ Technical Vocabulary

Break it Down (Incorrect)

_x_ Provide an Example
_x_ Provide Context
__ Provide a Rule
_x_ Refer to Steps
__ Rollback
__ Eliminate False Choices

No Opt Out (IDK's)

_x_ Hint and Return
__ Answer and Repeat

Subject: Physics


W1 Tu Date:1/6/15

W1 Th Date:1/8/15

W2 M Date:1/12/15

W2 W Date:1/14/15

W2 F Date:1/16/15

Learning Target Heat and temperature scales, what is heat? Boltzman distribution 3 + 0 Laws of Thermodynamics Heat flow, specific heat, calorimetry Heat engines and thermodynamic efficiency Review, Assessment
CC Strand or CA standard PH3 a-f,g* PH3 a-f,g* PH3 a-f,g* PH3 a-f,g* PH3 a-f,g*
Power point presentations, youtube videos Power point presentations, youtube videos Power point presentations, youtube videos Power point presentations, youtube videos Google Forms Quiz
Warm Up What is heat? Describe in 3 sentences. {FM}What is absolute zero? Sketch the Boltzman Distribution. {FM}Write down the 3 +0 Laws of Thermodynamics {FM}What are specific heat, heat content? {FM}What defines a heat engine? Sketch.
Presentation DI: Temperature scales, heat, energy, entropy- ppt, gas molecule motion simulation DI: 3+0 Laws - ppts, videos DI: applications of heat - calorimetry, specific heat DI: Iso therms, iso bars, heat engines, heat flow revisited, thermodynamic efficiency Quick topic review
Guided Practice Conversion degC to K example 1 Applying laws - example problem Calorimetry problems Otto cycle - example Sample problems
Independent Practice Conversion degC to K example 2,3 Applying laws - sampe problems 2,3 Calorimetry problems Otto cycle - sample problems Unit Quiz
Closure Lesson summary Lesson summary Lesson summary Lesson summary Q&A discussion - quiz questions
What is internal energy? Entropy? {FM} write the 3 laws of thermodynamics What causes heat to flow? escribe on a molecular level. Describe thermodynamic efficiency in terms of temperature difference and absolute temperatures. Hand in quiz.