Physics Unit 13: Light

Start the lesson with a quick CBQ. The CBQ is a question from the Ch 15 Study Guide which was assigned over Spring Break.

CBQ:The speed of sound at room temperature (20 C) is 343 m/s. If the speed of sound in air increases 0.60 m/s for every 1 degree C increase in temperature, what is the temperature when the speed of sound is 353 m/s ?

ans: ch 15 study guide section 1 #13 ans: 37 C

Now starts Unit 13: Light

Unit 13: Optics – Weeks 5-6
Standard: 4 e,f The wave nature of light: E&M fields.
The speed of light
“Mirror mirror on the wall.. who was the greatest theoretical physicist of them all?”
Wavelets, Rays and Reflection – Excel project
Lenses and the lense equations
Mirrors and the mirror equations

Essential Learning Objectives:
The nature of light (E & M fields), spectrum see:

radiant flux, irradiance: see textbook Ch 16.1

reflection, Huygen’s principle of wavelets, Excel calculator project


diffraction, single slit and Young double slit experiment, Fraunhaufer diffraction