Physics Unit 11: Thermodynamics

Lesson 5 Monday 1/11/16

Warm Up:  {FM} Index cards, derive the conversion from C to F. What is the conversion from C to K?
LO:Students will be able to convert between temperature scales
LO: Students will understand the relation between work and heat and that work can be converted into heat.
1:practice worksheet on temperature conversions. – 1/2 hour
2: First Law of Thermodynamics (Work is heat)

Joules’ experiment
Units of heat
Practice: ad hoc problems

Lesson 6: Tuesday 1/12/16
Warm up: {FM} Index cards, derive the temperature at which C = F
Ans: C=5/9(F-32), Set T=C=F then T=5/9(T-32), T(1-5/9) = -32(5/9),
(4/9)T = (5/9)(-32), T = (5/4)(-32), T = -40 {C or F}

LO: Students will understand that heat can be converted to work
{ hold carnot cycles to a later lesson}LO: Students will be familiar with the Carnot Cycle

DI:Carnot Cycle
Examples of Carnot Cycles
MOdel: Calculate work done in a quasistatic system in a Carnot cycle
GP: Example problems

Resource: look at this later: