CBQ Physics U4: Physical Science U5: Impulse & Momentum

CBQ 3:  The first problem is more difficult. Using the thrust burn time and mass of the Falcon 9 reusable rocket’s 2nd stage, calculate the its velocity after a second stage boost phase burn.

Less challenging:  A diver pushes SpongeBobSquarePants with a force of F= 1,000 N for 10 seconds. SpongeBob’s mass is 1 kg. What is SpongeBob’s momentum after the push? What is his velocity?  (hint: use the impulse – momentum theorem).

Ft = delta p = mv
v = Ft/m = (1,000 N)(10 s) / (1 kg)


medium deifficulty problem: 2 skaters, he – 80kg, 4 m/s, she – 40kg, 8 m/s
she jumps in his arms and they travel off together — find their velocity.
(80)(4) + (40)(8) = (80+40) vfinal
vfinal = 640/120 = 5.33m/s

Please note: Physics Unit Plan needs to be updated to include U4: Impulse – Momentum, Theorem